Sep 11, 2018



Summer seafood paella

  • Preparation time:15 minutes

  • Cooking time:45 minutes

  • Total time:1 hour

Serves: 4


200g Waitrose Whole Grain Rice 2 tbsp olive oil 1medium onion, finely chopped 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tsp paprika 1 red pepper, deseeded and diced 400g can chopped tomatoes Large pinch saffron (optional) 800ml Cooks’ Ingredients Vegetable Stock or water 400g frozen essential Waitrose Cooked Seafood Selection ¼ x 25g pack parsley, chopped


1. Put the rice in a bowl, cover with cold water, then set aside. Heat the oil in a large frying pan, add the onion and soften for 5 minutes over a medium heat. Stir in the garlic, paprika and pepper and cook 4-5 minutes more, stirring occasionally. Mix in the chopped tomatoes and saffron (if using).

2. Drain the rice and stir into the pan, then pour in the stock. Bring to a simmer and cook uncovered, for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally until the rice is almost tender. Add a little more stock or water if needed – it should be saucy, not soupy.

3. Add the frozen seafood and cover with a lid. Simmer for 5 minutes, turning the seafood until piping hot and the rice is tender. Scatter with parsley and serve.


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