Jun 28, 2018


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Sep 19


1. Burn fat

Building muscles is one of the best ways to reduce the fat.

Because if you have more muscles, your will need to burn more energy a day. 

And squat with a resistance band can help build muscles quickly as it aids in an increase in your metabolism. 

So, as a return, it can link to calorie burning.

2. Strengthen your legs

When you are performing the squats, it will tone your legs so that it will increase your legs muscles. 

It means that you will be running faster and easier due to the strong leg muscles.

3. Improve your balance

Properly squat requires your body to be stabilized in a position that can increase your flexibility and coordination.

4. May help reduce injuries

Squats strengthen your stabilizer muscles and tendons, which can lead to a steadier body during the workout or working. 

Hence, the flexible body can prevent you against the injuries at some point.

5. Lifts your butt

Squats strengthen your glutes that can result in tight butt. Besides, it can also help to lift the butt by the extra squeeze on your glutes.

6. Strengthen your knees

The squats will strengthen not only your legs but also your knees. It helps to tone your joints.

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